PSG Announces Partnership with STC Global

PSG Announces Partnership with STC Global

PSG is pleased to announce a new partnership with STC Global.  STC Global is a problem-solving team that supports strategic drive for performance improvement. Based in Aberdeen and founded in 1992, their expertise spans all areas of business and commerce including management systems, system integration, change management, procurement, manufacturing, projects, and leadership skills. The partnership will allow clients in the Asia Pacific Region to access a wide range of products and services developed by STC Global including the COMET incident investigation and root cause analysis methodology. 

Mark Rushton, Managing Director of STC Global said “STC Global are delighted to be working with PSG as a key partner in the Asia-Pacific Region.  PSG will help roll-out our existing flagship products and share ideas that will drive the creation of new ones.  In Malcolm Gresham we have a passionate performance improvement professional completely aligned to our core aims of helping clients achieve sustained incident prevention and better profitability.  PSG are not just agents, far from it….STC wanted a partner and PSG deliver on that by working with us in the design, development and classroom phases of client projects’.

Malcolm Gresham, Managing Director of PSG said: “STC Global are a great fit for PSG.  They have some very impressive products including the COMET incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Methodology.  We are delighted to be building on our many years of experience providing incident investigation, root cause analysis, prevention and training.  The COMET Root App software is the perfect solution to bring a digital dimension to incident investigations and root cause analysis driving performance improvement across businesses, which is now being implemented by organisations worldwide.

It’s the expertise and knowledge of STC Global in creating COMET that has ensured its delivered valuable results.  PSG will be working closely with STC Global to enhance the value of COMET.    

We have seen many organisations expend too much energy just investigating without adequately understanding and addressing the causes.  Our COMET packaged services will enable organisations to succeed where they have often struggled in the past.”

Currently COMET is used across a range of industries including automotive, maritime, oil & gas, aerospace and manufacturing. The unique methodology and training package is set to expand into a variety of new sectors including the mining, shipping, pharmaceutical and rail industries.

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