Safety Signals


Understanding Safety through Artifical Intelligence


What’s the problem?

Organisations gather & store large volumes of observation & incident data.

They record observations of hazards & unsafe acts.

They document the occurrence of low level incidents.

Often this information is recorded in different systems, in different formats & in multiple locations.

Yet much of this data lies dormant, unanalysed & unexplored.

Many opportunities are missed to identify trends, patterns, systemic problems and latent dangers.


What if we could answer these?


Can we mine our low level data for systemic clusters of hazards or undesirable activity which otherwise would not be seen in isolation?

Can we pre-empt more serious incidents based upon the volume of low level data we capture?

Can we identify latent issues which to date have manifested only at a low level but which present an imminent higher level threat?


Safety Signals Dashboard

Getting to the Plane of Enlightenment


Using AI techniques to uncover unknown and untagged topics hiding within your data.

Relating discovered topics to a taxonomy of coded root causes.

Predicting the likely presence of latent root causes with the potential to cause future incidents.

You didn’t know what you didn’t know.Unstructured data now takes on a structure.Suggesting preventive actions, now.