Investigations Differently


We do Investigations Differently!


We have partnered with Investigations Differently to provide a world class, innovative alternative to traditional investigation practices

Many organisations are dissatisfied with traditional investigation methods. In a restorative just culture, processes based on predetermined outcomes, books, or charts produce predetermined, blamed-based outcomes.  ‘Worker failed to follow a procedure’, ‘Complacency’, and ‘Worker did not identify the risk’ are common root causes and do little to help an organization learn.  The complexity of some tools also requires users to possess a great deal of technical understanding and time in order to complete an investigation.

Investigations Differently tools:


Event Learning Assessment

  • A framework to determine the most appropriate investigation type
  • Helps organisations prioritise investigations based on learning potential, not just severity
  • Balances the opportunity for learning with the realities of capacity and capability constraints
  • Encourages reflection on what the event means for the organisation
  • Transcends the conventional confines of investigative frameworks
  • Strategically emphasises learning, refining risk management and extracting meaningful insights
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Event Insights

  • An investigation tool for minor and medium-impact incidents
  • Simple, quick, and easy to use
  • Supports learning about the event and learning about the task
  • Promotes organisational resilience while avoiding blame
  • Fosters a culture of openness, trust and collaboration to improve organisational risk management
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Blueline Investigation

  • An investigation tool for more serious impact incidents
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Operationally aligned and optimised for learning
  • Allows teams to identify potential risks
  • Actively involves workers and those involved in the event
  • Allows quick, effective response to incidents that do occur
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Learning Teams

  • Engage the people who do the work, resulting in practical solutions
  • Make it okay to talk about mistakes
  • Focus on identifying and strengthening controls
  • Generate possible solutions in hours, not weeks
  • Identify error traps and latent conditions that other tools may not detect
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