Event Insights

Making Minor Incidents Matter

Current lightweight investigation tools are unsuited for organisational learning and are insensitive to operational needs. The investigation practice of ‘5 Whys’ or relying on pre-determined checklists limits possible findings and inhibits the opportunity to discover something new. Event Insights is an investigation tool for minor and medium-impact incidents that challenges traditional investigation methods.

  • Directs attention towards what can inform future risk management and is simple, quick, and easy to use
  • Promotes organisational resilience adaptability while avoiding blame
  • A constructive, staff-engaging, and and operationally aligned tool that aims to foster a culture of openness trust, and collaboration while improving organisational risk management

Event Insights

Event Insights is a ‘humble inquiry’ learning process involving curated questions to be asked by a frontline leader, usually a supervisor, to workers involved in the event. Facilitators can use Event Insights questions with an individual, or a group at once, or repeated in multiple separate interviews. The event insight question list consists of 7 questions for a facilitator to ask involved workers, followed by translating the analysis into improvements. Questions are divided between learning about the event and learning about the task.

When to use Event Insights

Event Insights assists organisations in being strategic about investigating events and identifying what events are worthwhile to spend time on and which provide an excellent learning opportunity. The tool is used for events with a minor or medium impact and opportunities for organisational learning. Organisational learning opportunities can include factors such as recent changes in the task, the interaction of multiple controls, the involvement of multiple stakeholders, or there are potential benefits to others in the organisation.


  • Optimised for learning
  • Constructively focused
  • Staff engaging
  • Operationally aligned


Want to learn more?

Read the complete White Paper Event Insights: Making Minor Incidents Matter by Mark Alston and Jop Havinga, PhD.

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