COMET Training


As a COMET user, you will have access to our package of customisable training options, designed to provide you with the tools to perform a thorough and robust investigation, establish root causes and identify improvements that prevent repeated failures.


  COMET training options:  Delivery/support  Duration*  Prerequisite
  COMET Practitioner †Core COMET training for individuals to participate in and lead COMET investigations for a variety of incident types including health, safety, environment, quality and security.2 daysNone
  COMET Foundation †The COMET process is covered in a workshop environment, exploring the various tools and techniques. Useful for investigation support personnel.1 dayNone
  COMET Team Leader †Additional team leader training covers investigation management skills and techniques such as tasking, co-ordinating and terms of reference.1 dayCOMET Practitioner
  COMET Advanced †Focuses on detailed key investigation areas and includes advanced interviewing and report writing.2 daysCOMET Practitioner
  COMET Lite †COMET Lite allows organisations to proportionately investigate low level volume incidents without compromising on quality and effectiveness.1 dayNone
  COMET Root App FundamentalsDesigned for COMET investigators to gain further practical hands on fundamental COMET Root App training and support.1 dayCOMET Practitioner
  COMET Root App AdminDesigned for COMET administrators to become self-sufficient and confident in managing COMET Root App internally for all administration responsibilities.1 dayNone
  COMET e-LearningFollows the core COMET process and is designed for awareness, as a re-fresher and as investigation support training.4 hoursNone
  COMET Executive Overview †Allows organisational executive to become familiar with the COMET process and terminology.2 hoursNone


* May change depending on the blended training approach adopted.

† COMET Root App option available.


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