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Super-Thinker Safety

What is Super-Thinker® Safety

Super-Thinker® Safety is a "Continuous Improvement Tool" that is utilised to promote collective discussion and agreement regarding areas that contribute to safety performance.  It is designed to be used constantly to focus, explore and align thinking and behaviour related to safe work practices.  

What will it do

The Super-Thinker® Safety program will allow an organisation to identify where, how and why safety performance can be improved and generate the strategy and actions necessary to make those improvements.

The Super-Thinker® process will get everyone onto the same page in terms of agreeing what needs to happen and give your managers and team leaders a practical “nuts & bolts” tool that will allow them to develop their skills in how to lead people and manage improvements in safety for managers/team leaders and operators.

Super-Thinker® Safety is complimentary and supportive to ALL existing OHS Management Systems and safety training programs.

How will it help

Super-Thinker® Safety will allow your people to move to a higher level of safety performance by diagnosing and improving the 22 Key Factors describing over 450 actions and 9 Safety Improvement Tools that drive Safety Performance.

Super-Thinker® Safety will provide a process and the tools to promote better thinking, planning, clarity and understanding that enable individuals and groups to reach agreement on the priority and course of action necessary to improve Safety Performance.

Super-Thinker® Safety will provide management with a detailed report from each site/sector/or division on the priority of Key Factors regarding Safety at each level, and will enable further action to be planned and implemented.

Management will then be able to:

  • Compare the results across the organisation from each individual/team/site or division
  • Determine whether the issues are generic or specific
  • Determine how best to address these issues at a local or enterprise level
  • Identify Key Factors to provide a rapid response to support the Continuous Improvement Process within the organisation

Super-Thinker® Safety Brochure